Twitter picks LinkedIn’s founder as its new CEO

Sue Thompson, C.E.O. over the last 18 years, said: “Parag Agrawal has shown leadership at all stages of his career, including programmatic trading, handling sales and audience management at LinkedIn and as a hand-picked partner at Twitter. His work is valued and well respected by clients in all markets he has covered during his career. We are excited to welcome him as our new C.E.O.”

Recently, Twitter named Parag Agrawal, its chief executive.

Agrawal has been at LinkedIn for the last 18 years as its chief product officer and president of products.

He has also been at Twitter for the last four years as the COO (chief operating officer). He joined Twitter from LinkedIn in 2017 and is now the company’s chief executive officer.

Agrawal has helped the social media network attract more than 1 billion monthly active users from more than 200 countries.

He has also played a critical role in Twitter’s job creation.

He has been recognised by numerous industry groups, including Advertising Week New York (2012), Business Insider (2017), Social Media Week New York (2014), and AdWeek (2016).

He is a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and serves on numerous boards.

He has also been awarded New York’s prestigious Woodrow Wilson Hall Award.

Agrawal is an alumnus of Columbia University and University of Connecticut and holds a law degree from Harvard University.

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