How MMA fighter Adriano Silva overcame the trappings of poverty

Adriano Silva’s family moved frequently when he was a kid and things were not always perfect.

At one point his father turned to alcohol and drugs to cope with his issues.

His stepmother as well but due to their financial status Silva was able to leave the house.

The 23-year-old MMA star decided to take matters into his own hands and was ready to fight.

On the first day of school a few years back, he took it upon himself to hit the pads and make sure he was in shape.

Since there wasn’t much money coming in, he did it to make sure he had food on the table every night.

It is this dedication that allowed him to reach his goal of becoming a champion.

He has a record of 7-2 with two TKO wins.

Besides winning fights, it is this dedication and determination that has him on the fast track to becoming a UFC superstar.

“I believe in being a head warrior and not a body warrior,” he told Fighthype.

Not only is he a fighter, he also has been working on his amateur fight scene for years.

He also comes from a sports family with his father being a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu master.

“MMA is the sport of love for me,” he said.

“For me, it is all about coming out and displaying my true self. MMA is also a sport of commitment and determination.

“There are fighters who were physical offenders in their past who have gone on to achieve great things. My ability to deal with life’s adversities is more like that of a Fijian warrior.”

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