Woman who became ‘Joe the Plumber’’s campaign mascot dies, just before facing off against Democrats

Waukesha, Wisconsin, resident Misty Wurzelbacher (whose name was popularized by the 2008 “Joe the Plumber” campaign) recently passed away, according to her obituary, which said she died doing what she loved. Wurzelbacher, 26, was struck and killed while she was leaving the Dec. 4, 2018, annual Waukesha Day Parade. The woman’s two young daughters were with her.

In her obituary, Wurzelbacher’s husband, Jeffrey Wurzelbacher, wrote that his wife was remembered by her family as “an amazing, loving, and dedicated mother and wife.” He wrote that she was a “free spirited spirit who had a special affinity for politics,” but also loved shopping, cooking, spending time with family and friends, spending time at the movies, and playing the lottery.

Wurzelbacher’s husband revealed that the woman, who left behind a husband and two young daughters, was struck and killed while she was walking down the street after leaving the Waukesha Day Parade. She was allegedly hit by a vehicle leaving the parade, but the driver later told police they were confused by the noise coming from a marina nearby.

“This is a perfect example of why we need to slow down and pay attention while walking, biking, or driving our vehicles,” Waukesha County Sheriff’s Capt. Mark Graefe said in a statement to ABC News. “The driver of the vehicle involved in this accident was cooperative and was interviewed by investigators. His preliminary information indicates he lost focus at the time of the accident. The Wisconsin State Patrol and Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department are assisting with the investigation.”

Wurzelbacher was elected last year to a seat in the state Assembly. According to WISN 12 News, she was listed as the Republican nominee in the race for the 46th Assembly District in the 2018 general election. In that race, she lost to Democrat Jeremy Saunders.

At least one Twitter user referred to Wurzelbacher as “The Dancing Granny.”

Misty Wurzelbacher, the Dancing Granny, has died in a Milwaukee city parade. Her obituary says she passed after “doing what she loved”. Happy trails, miss you. — Lindy (@colourlust53) December 5, 2018

Gonna miss Misty Wurzelbacher. Hero or not, you should carry her story with you forever. It really sucks how fast things happen to talented, inspiring women. — Jessica Ussery (@Jessy_Ussery) December 5, 2018

My condolences on the passing of @MistyWurzelbacher. A beautiful soul and beautiful mom to 2 young girls. Prayers to you and Jeff as you grieve. Misty, we love you. — Deanie Matthews (@dmatt_md25) December 5, 2018

The beauty of social media is that the world knows exactly how much I truly cared about & respected @MistyWurzelbacher. But the hurt that I’m feeling is very real, and every time I think of her I only feel more regrets. My heart is broken for her husband, girls, friends & family. Love. — Lauren Nishikawa (@LaurenNishikawa) December 5, 2018


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