4 things to do when you visit Vardzia, Georgia

Vardzia, Georgia is a small town in southwestern Georgia, but it seems worlds away from the quaint and residential atmosphere in the nearby city of Henry County. This archaeological site can be reached only by taking a small, winding road from Vardzia’s main entrance, a four-wheel drive road.

The cave at Vardzia. Chris Kaluiani/Shutterstock

If you do decide to travel to Vardzia, you can stay in the town which is within a 6-minute drive of the archaeological site. Lodging options include a charming bed and breakfast inn, a three-story hotel, a small inn, a coffee shop and a local candy shop.

Dating back to the end of the Roman Empire, Vardzia has ancient structures that only the residents know of. Grappling with stones and rocks, the visitors are asked for and given permission to touch these unique stalactites and stalagmites. The cave is always inviting and the depth of the cave makes it an incredible place to explore.

Vardzia possesses eight cave-like structures that are said to be preserved under feet of stone. Over the years, local farmers and other ordinary people have supported these structures from days where the government hadn’t done much to preserve the past.

The Cave and Monument Day. Chris Kaluiani/Shutterstock

All over Vardzia, landscape and buildings rest atop this rock and are hidden as much as the cave is. The rock has many rock and cave design motifs which most archaeologists find typical and lasting evidence of the origins of Vardzia, a huge historical town for Roman and Byzantine cultures.

There are additional reasons to visit Vardzia. You can tour the nearby Blue Eagle Museum of Archaeology located in the historic Town of Anderson, which may draw people in to discover the incredible cave of Vardzia and also the Blue Eagle Museum of Archaeology which has housed an impressive collection of artifacts since its inception.

The caves on the Blue Eagle are undoubtedly the most impressive and become very crowded on the summer Solstice. June 21, the UNESCO World Heritage site has been expanded and became a large activity for the visitors to explore some of the even better and larger caves.

Here’s to welcoming them and the day-long experience of coming face to face with the great rock-washed denizens of Vardzia.

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