5 things to know about the Trump-Kim summit, despite its location

3. The kind of location is classified

On Saturday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo refused to confirm the exact location of the summit between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. While he said the location of the summit, which he described as “very far away,” has yet to be confirmed, Pompeo warned that access to it could be revoked at any moment. “The president will have access to it. The United States government will have access to it,” Pompeo said during a roundtable at the University of Texas. “But it won’t be set. I won’t say, no, now it’s set, now it’s not set.”

4. Maybe they want to see a nice hotel for former officials

National Security Adviser John Bolton was also unavailable to give a location for the summit, but he did predict the summit would occur at the luxurious Capella Hotel in Singapore, as it did during the first meeting between the leaders in June. But less than a month later, Indonesia’s Presidential Office on Monday revealed that the President Joko Widodo had offered to host the summit at the InterContinental Ritz-Carlton Jakarta. A spokesperson for Joko Widodo told The Associated Press that the president plans to finalize the talks with Trump by the end of the week.

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