Britain’s Favorite Couple Celebrates 2,785th Day of Marriage With Pot Roast in Ball Pit

Ever heard of a pot roast in a ball pit? It’s not as whimsical as it sounds – according to Britain’s Daily Mail, Paul and Olly Barry of Edinburgh discovered a romantic way to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary.

As of two days ago, the couple had been married for exactly 2,785 days, so they decided to celebrate their anniversary in an unconventional way. Olly broke out a fortune cookie, Paul snuck in a pot roast. And in between the grand gesture, the two have been on a fast-paced romance tour all over Europe.

“The moment I put my finger in the cookie I think I popped out a bit, and Paul said, ‘this is your anniversary, put that back in,'” Olly told the Daily Mail. “I then took my finger out to eat it, and a lovely orange juice hit my tongue. My lips and tongue were dry and, as I looked down, I saw what was in my hand. As I looked down, I saw what was in my hand,” she said.

She said, “I told him to take it and the rest was history.”

The couple put up a quick Facebook update of how it all went down, revealing that Mr. Barry had met two other women all week, but he chose to stay faithful to his wife by keeping the fortune cookie a secret.

The couple have quite a passion for celebration, as Paul has been quoted in various news outlets as saying they enjoy “anything to do with panto, festivals, craft fairs, old cars… Stuffed animals… Diets are not an option, he has to be hungry so that we can enjoy the food.”

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