Channing Tatum tells Playboy that he feels like a ‘big man’

When watching Channing Tatum don his revealing five-piece swimwear for the 2010 Magic Mike film, you’d never guess that the actor was trying to shed a few pounds. So it may come as a surprise to many viewers that two years later, Tatum is back on a fitness kick, and in a matter of months will show off more than a few ways of slimming down in Magic Mike 3. “I’m huge right now,” Tatum told Playboy in the March issue. “So it’s funny to watch other guys playing basketball, and I’m like, ‘I’m fully engaged in that, while you’re just at the gym.’”

Of course, the actor proved that he was no slouch in the gym to the world with his outrageous Golden Globes outfit; it’s fair to say that every muscle in his body was on display. The actor also told the magazine that he was a little “off-kilter” while working on the Fifty Shades Freed film, the third of the Fifty Shades movies, due out in February, and wanted to make sure that fans of the series knew what he was doing while doing the nude scenes. “I told [director] E.L. James, ‘I will be this weird behind the camera, figuring out what happens, and you might have to go a little off script,’ and she was all, ‘Absolutely, yes,’” he explained. “I had so much fun doing it.”

Watch Tatum in all his athletic glory during this short clip from “Magic Mike” below.

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