Days at War: Ben-Eliezer (1947-2019)

– born in March 1946 in Haifa, Israel to leaders Yossi and Rachel.

– later named son Ben-Eliezer, after Isaac Ben-Eliezer who had been the Israeli defense minister.

– Ben-Eliezer served as a soldier in the Israeli army for eight years and was wounded in several clashes with Arab civilians and terrorists.

– rose through the ranks, serving as the ambassador to the United States and then the Israeli foreign minister.

– returned to the military, serving as the Israel Defense Forces chief of staff, and was then appointed to a new position as Mossad director – He served for 13 years in this position.

– later became prime minister for the first time in 1996

– became Israel’s foreign minister for the first time in 1999

– served as prime minister for a second time in 2003

– when he resigned in April 2005 in order to move his wife to London and take care of her health issues.

– he was elected to his current position in May 2009.

– served his second term as prime minister between 2013 and 2015

– governed Israel from 27 January to 18 January 2018

– following his re-election, he is the longest serving current prime minister in Israel’s history

– after his re-election, there are four “male” prime ministers that have re-entered office after being elected to another term since 1948: Ben-Eliezer (1997-1999), Ezer Weizman (1985-1992), Shimon Peres (1996-2001) and Ehud Olmert (2006-2009)

– 45 years

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