Five clever gadget and design ideas to survive a power outage

If you want to make a call, push a button. Designers often use a “comfort creator” to track where their phone is physically. It’s hard to do these things with traditional keyboards and mice, which require a single device to function. But with modern phones and tablets, which can be easily charged and plugged into any wall, one will sometimes need to be in the same place as the device, and that’s where the comfort creator can come in.

(Photo: The Koho K. Design Studio)

A useful tool for for those who know how to use cellphones and yet still find themselves disconnected from a call, such a gadget offers practical extras that will keep you connected. Before the comfort creator, like a laptop, could function outside the office, it needed to be approved by the user. Our phones have become smart enough that our users understand their capabilities, and the comfort creator addresses this by simplifying complicated device protocols.

These devices are functional, lightweight, discreet and don’t require extra batteries that add weight and cost to your cell phone. They are also easy to assemble and adapt to a wide range of devices and typography. Not only are they useful for in-the-office users but for modern users in any location, too.

Here’s how to make a comfort creator:

1. Find a smartphone with built-in battery and/or case with a soft, flexible plastic back.

2. Have a piece of software built to select from several patterns based on a contour of the device.

3. Fit it into your case.

4. Wrap the cord through your case.

5. Plug it into the wall and wait.

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