Got a tourist visa? Check out these D.C. attractions and I can work in them

What is my vacation visa in Washington, D.C.?

I am a U.S. citizen, and as such have been granted a tourist visa (SS 626.00). This does not expire until September 2017, and the actual time limit may be extended for “special events” like the rest of us. Please explain the qualifications for giving me additional time. I had no issue with applying before the deadline, but I have found that, since my application had been accepted by the day before, the available tourist visas from July through September are all being exhausted. I received a confirmation email from the consulate that no additional visa applicants were accepted that month, which was when I originally applied.

DCA, DC resident, 56, holds U.S. citizen passport No. 60661/2004

Emailing their [email protected].

I was wondering if there are any U.S. passports that will work for me, since I live in DC and have a U.S. passport?

What are the chances of getting a tourist visa, and when can I go? I need to find out, by the end of this month, whether I can get to Australia, Japan, or Denmark as soon as the countries let me in. Right now I can’t even go to Iceland, which is in the Eastern time zone.


You can use your D.C. and Federal Passport Office cards to get U.S. government identification and instructions for entering the U.S. They require two sets of appropriate identification and a photo. See

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