Letters: Trees, squares and less traffic – all in the way of progress

I live on a corner and am used to having to cross the road on the sidewalk once the lights change from red to green. With the yellow-shooter issue [overroad proposal] of putting yellow spikes on the side of the road to make drivers slow down, this seems to make our situation even worse!

Now, as you can see, I am just two steps from the London terminus at Canary Wharf. The situation is obviously better at the Nine Elms end, where there are no potholes and the lights change in a more gentle motion.

It just seems crazy that there should be any disruption at all to a place where, thanks to its position, it can expect significantly more traffic than it needs and therefore shouldn’t have any need to be – shall we say – “protected” in this way.

This is an excellent tourist attraction. I have met many visitors to our area from abroad who have insisted on coming here to have their cars driven carefully and by professionals. I would hate to be a Londoner who happens to be a tourist and sees that our walkway has become a dangerous shortcut for pedestrians.

I can imagine how anxious the local Londoners feel about this!

I am willing to support our mayor’s campaign to make our local streets safer, but never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine I would have to use a sidestreet to walk on?

Kate Young


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