McDonald’s brings back two menu items: 1,000 new franchises in 2018

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Franchisee Steve Easterbrook is nicknamed ‘Crocodile’ because he’s notorious for catching lizards and crocodiles as a teenager and training them as crew members

‘Our Menu Is Very Darwinian.’ Leading McDonald’s in 2021.

McDonald’s is getting ready to launch its first globally diversified menu in 20 years.

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Stephen Easterbrook, the CEO of McDonald’s, which reports its first-quarter earnings Thursday, says the new menu is being designed to appeal to those who “don’t like eating the same things every day”.

Easterbrook told the BBC that the new menu will combine existing favorites such as the Big Mac, Chicken McNuggets and Quarter Pounder with Cheese with items such as Zesty Italian Fries, Gourmet Biscuits and ice cream.

The world’s largest hamburger chain, which now has 35,000 restaurants globally, has no plans to introduce breakfast outside of its home market. The company is opening 2,500 new outlets this year around the world.

The creation of this new menu is said to be one of the top priorities for the company, which is known for being consistently profitable.

McDonald’s has had some success with a new, simplified menu in the US where it launched the new items, Chicken Selects, in 2010.

These foods are only used in limited amounts in the US market.

Drew Herdener, a spokesman for McDonald’s, said the company is in the early stages of developing the menu.

“The products are just concepts and we haven’t implemented any price points or quantities yet,” he said.

Easterbrook, who made the announcement in late February, did not specify what the new menu would include, but the company did its own research for McDonald’s, according to Tim Rolf, an analyst with Technomic.

“Our Menu Is Very Darwinian.”

He added that the new menu will offer “more dining experiences” that consumers have been asking for.

The company also plans to spend more money developing new products.

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