Ontario Drivers Seeing Street With Nothing On Sign Does Crazy Thing: ‘Go on By’

Now adding to Toronto’s list of the stranger things to happen in the city this winter. Drivers reportedly seeing a long-closed street for months with nothing to show for it on its sign has caused some to be at a loss of what to do.

The half-block from York University to Stockyards Rd. in the east end is a number of difficult or bumpy roads in and of itself. It also currently has a sign that reads: “Motorists. Lane closed for remainder of October.”

When locals came upon the road’s closure, some apparently had no idea what to do. They reportedly went as far as passing on what other drivers’ lane change instructions they see on signs.

Some drivers noticed what was going on and also reported the fact that the area in question is wet and slippery due to the winter. But some are now confused and trying to figure out what happened to the concrete lane.

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