Schneiderman: There Is No Case to Be Made for GOP Not Standing Behind Women’s Rights

New York Democratic gubernatorial candidate and former state attorney general Eric Schneiderman said abortion rights are not contingent on a democracy and said that Americans are “not being straightforward” about women’s rights to decide when to have children.

Schneiderman told conservative radio host Tomi Lahren on “Fox & Friends” that women’s rights are not dependent on a democracy or their choice to make a human life.

“It’s not dependent on a democracy. You can vote them in but you can also vote them out,” he said. “American women are not asking and asking and asking for government to make every human choice for them. They are asking and asking for basic rights to control their own bodies, their own lives and their own futures. That’s all they’re asking for.”

With just over four months until the primary, the liberal New York gubernatorial candidate has called the Robert Mueller investigation a “witch hunt.” He also says his run has given him a chance to “lay out the argument for myself” and try to become “the best representative for New York and for the United States.”

Schneiderman said there is a “morbid obsession” in the United States and around the world with the notion that a “female body is not part of your body.”

“We are not and have never been in a democracy that we are judging women’s bodies. … I don’t think there’s any case to be made for not upholding the right of a woman to control her own body,” he said.

“While I was running, I’ve said throughout the campaign I support the right to choose,” he added. “I actually have not made any endorsement in the primary. I’ll watch it and have conversations with voters.”

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