The Hotel Sooner: Palm Beach is the home of many famous people and famous hotels

PBS’s New England team are reporting from the area in Palm Beach County.

Everyman’s Hotel

The round-the-clock Palm Beach community, the nation’s wealthiest, attracts its fair share of celebrities and moguls, but the Sooner family are also doing business in the famous hotel – the same one where Peggy Lee stayed when she performed at the City Center.

Owner Joe Sooner says it’s been an uphill climb getting people to believe the family has a true touch of class:

“It’s a brand new brand…a new design, new furniture, everything is new, that’s what you’re saying, and you’re probably expecting something very cheesy, but not here.”

Midnight DeBord

Midnight Dombfield tells me there are many plans to renovate the facility, but that it is not yet for sale.

“No, it’s not for sale but, it’s very dependent on the value of the property so it’s very risky right now to open up a new hotel in a prime location and there’s a lot of risk, no question,” he said.

Pasadena State Government

“Pasadena State Governor’s Office Annex” is not, as it sometimes looks, full of government offices.

“When they moved in, they couldn’t put the boiler in the ground. So they had to put it in the basement, and it forced us to move a few rooms,” said Joe Sooner.

Five Hundred Thousand Dollar Bed

Joe and Debbie Sooner tell us they offer an extra special deal: a family room fit for five.

“Like a best of both worlds, but you can do it on 10 or 15 bucks a night,” said Debbie.

“The Five Hundred Thousand Dollar Bed,” which looks just like a King size bed, is reserved for 18 suites at their hotels.

This doesn’t mean you can stay here for less. For instance, one suite at our hotel is usually a place that goes for $40 a night. Another is normally at the downtown Marriott at $199. Add in the 400 Thousand Dollar Bed and you’re looking at $386 -plus service fees. They say for big spenders and an important group like a trade show, the price works out to less than ten dollars per night.

Joe Sooner says they are interested in condos but not as a hotel.

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