Black Hawk black flyer disaster

Courtesy of Foreign Press Photo Agency / Maximilian Kleine

Austria’s COVID-19, a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter, took off at 0113 GMT and was met by “friendly forces,” 10 minutes later at 0219 GMT.


The Austrian military called off a search-and-rescue mission for five pilots of a Black Hawk helicopter after it mistakenly took off from a desert training area, the army says.The army said that its search-and-rescue staff had been looking for the UH-60 Black Hawk that had taken off in exercise without alerting the authorities.The Black Hawk had left the Seestad training area near Salzburg. The cause of the accident was unclear, but a rocket attack may have contributed, authorities said.The Austrian army later confirmed that the five pilots have been found.All training flights were cancelled in Seestad in order to conduct an inquiry, the army said in a statement.The incident comes after six passengers died and the six crew on a SMART Air BV plane were injured when their Tornado fighter jet crashed at Lorne airport in Wiltshire on 31 August.It is thought that one of the fuel tanks exploded after the plane broke up in midair.The planes were part of an RAF-led training exercise, a government spokesman said.The accident appears to be one of several military incidents to have occurred in recent months.On 6 September, the All Nippon Airways Boeing 787 Dreamliner suffered an “external problem” after take-off from Tokyo’s Haneda airport.The ANA operator temporarily grounded all six of its passenger jets, the Boeing 737-800 and 787, which have an average list price of $257m.On 3 August, a Hamas rocket fell outside Israel’s Shebaa Farms area, causing no injuries, according to Israeli news media.

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