CNN en Español brings experiences to viewers

Buenos Aires, Argentina – CNN en Español launches on February 18th; international viewers can go to since 2/18 to sign up for an invitation to be included in CNN en Español’s initial series of experiences in South America. For the rest of us who are not privileged enough to live there, here’s a chance to sample our CNN experience through the eyes of some of our global contributors and catch a glimpse of what it’s like to work and live in our network.

Here are some of our experiences:

Appearances from Day 1 in Buenos Aires, Argentina – Bernard Fernandez, Director of CNN Espanol

Two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, Bernard Fernandez is the Director of CNN Español. He has been at CNN since 1986, covering breaking news in both the United States and around the world, earning four Pulitzers.

The experience that Francisca Freese must have had at Juan Sebastián

Just over a year ago, Francisca Freese became the Managing Editor of CNN en Español. She is also one of the two Executive Editors at CNN Worldwide, alongside Christiane Amanpour. As such, her experience will be very important to her experience on CNN en Español. She is the Director of CNN’s bureau in Lima and she is originally from Santiago, Chile.

The daily routine in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Alberto Lucado, CNN’s Political Analyst and Host, Italian and Argentinian National Public Radio

Giuliano Monticello, Political Analyst for CNN en Español, author, and former foreign policy analyst at ABC News and the Washington Post.

From reporting on my night out in San Juan, Puerto Rico

T.J. DeLuca, Director of Innovation for CNN, an executive producer for CNN Newsroom, has moved back to Los Angeles after years of covering international stories and political campaigns for English-language journalists.

Of the two stories here on TV, how did Juan Sebastián fare?

James Randi, Cosigner, Evangelical Pastor, Founder of Quantum Me

How were the bulls brought to court this year, and how big was the majority ruling?

Please take a look at the press conference which took place in the court in the center of Buenos Aires, December 2015 at 5 p.m. et. In the shot, five bulls are about to be brought to the bull ring. To watch it, click here.

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