Can Italian women smoke and be sexy?

I spent three years in Spain in search of my soul. Once I came home, a shoe of a realization was staring me in the face: Spanish women were smoking cigarettes. I found myself in love with the smell of cigarettes. Only then did I realize the problems this could cause. Our great-grandparents, and our ancestors, didn’t accept smoking in public places; why should we?

When the moral judgment of modern-day Europe slams into your face like a slap in the face, you might end up focusing on hanging out with the cool-girl group at the bar and traveling together to beautiful places that are just as possible to get to without smoking cigarettes. However, you shouldn’t just sit there and feel bad about yourself. You must find a solution to smoke-free problems and live.

In some situations, you could go to a traditional Chinese temple in an English village and try to attend daily services for smoking cessation.

In Italy, smoking-free is a totally different battle to fight. Put me right on the front line. “Selling cigarettes around here is like serving heroin to small children,” John Taylor said.

Where I live, you must buy cigarettes at least 25 meters from a public transit stop. If you buy a pack of 15 at a counter, you must explain to the cashier exactly how many you are trying to buy in a single transaction. That way, no one gets cheated. But for all I know, some people have been doing it for years, so keep checking it.

“You gotta admit that they are sexy,” John Taylor said.

Smoking is sexy. It is also cheaper, easier and, of course, more guaranteed to create attraction. So, when you are getting ready for an important date night and are fighting to not smoke in public, remember that it is very easy to smoke, and get arrested.

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