Guy Ritchie film ‘Red Notice’ tops list of most watched on Netflix

After less than one week of release, “Red Notice” is now the most viewed movie on Netflix.

According to Variety, the Guy Ritchie thriller “is now the No. 1-ranking film, with all subscribers having watched at least 5 million episodes and a viewership time of 26.3 hours, that Netflix will disclose” since its launch on Feb. 1.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that “Red Notice” holds a rating of 3.1, meaning 4.4 percent of all Netflix users have watched the movie. It has attracted 1.3 million “Peak” minutes, meaning 732 million total seconds of viewers.

Leo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro star in the thriller as two operatives who must team up to take down a rogue operation that targets counterfeit passports. The film debuted at No. 4 at the box office and will finish with about $43 million in ticket sales in the United States and Canada, according to Box Office Mojo.

The movie came under fire from the Department of Homeland Security, after a pair of immigrants were found trying to fly out of Dulles International Airport with fake passports and visas, according to the Washington Post.

Another issue in making the film: Some of the characters didn’t look like suspects on the site. The popular “What’s the Deal?” Facebook page got its fair share of “red notices” since the release.

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