Israeli man kills one, wounds several in Jerusalem gun attack

JERUSALEM — One Israeli was killed and four were wounded Thursday by a gunman who took refuge inside an apartment complex in a Jerusalem neighborhood and opened fire, police said.

An Israeli soldier guarding the apartment building spotted a man wearing a bulletproof vest and tried to stop him, according to the police. The gunman, who then pulled out an assault rifle and opened fire, wounded the soldier and then ran into an apartment complex. Police tracked him down and shot him dead.

Police said there was a second gunman, who was being sought.

The apartment was set ablaze. The victims have not been identified.

This is the latest in a series of Jerusalem violence and comes amid a standoff between protesters and police at a contested holy site in the Old City. Police sealed off a part of the site and began cordoning off the area around the apartment building, leading to road closures throughout the city.

A series of recent terrorist attacks left seven Israelis dead, including a member of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s family.

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