New Czech PM Andrej Babis Replaces Glass Box in First Address to Foreign Media

The Czech Republic’s new prime minister was installed in a glass box Monday to address foreign reporters. Only one person saw him speak, however.

A glass-bottomed cage known as a “glass box” typically serves as a makeshift podium for emergency situations or the signing of documents. On Monday, it was transformed into a prime minister’s office, which gave prime minister Andrej Babis a platform for his first words since he was elected in March.

Babis said he wished to outline “not only my priorities and vision but my promises to the citizens of this country.”

“In the first few months, I hope that I can do and make the greatest possible contribution in order to create a better society,” he said.

Babis was sworn in after the European Union leader of a grouping of 12 former Soviet bloc states said on Sunday that Prague has to give up demands that its pass much-coveted membership in the bloc.

Babis thanked the officials for “taking into account” the views of all sides before deciding on his candidacy and supporting him for premier.

The billionaire Babis won March 4 parliamentary elections with about 41 percent of the vote, beating billionaire political rival Andrej Babis’ ANO party, which won 38 percent of the vote.

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