Ontario Christian Medical Association’s Call to ‘Shut Down’ Toronto Public School District to Protect Children

Eighty three percent of Toronto Public School District employees are unvaccinated but not against the law.

What that means is that close to 1,000 unvaccinated staff work with students at the district while waiting for a ruling from the Ontario government on whether they can get exemptions from the required vaccines.

Vaccinations are one of the most important components of the well-being of children in Ontario.

The 100 million recipients of the federally mandated childhood vaccines have helped avert the largest form of cancers, diabetes, influenza, inflammatory bowel disease, and other diseases that are the consequences of vaccine-preventable diseases.

Now, thousands of Canadian children face the threat of losing their vision, hearing, immune systems and to some extent their lives because of the failure of the Ontario Liberal government to protect them from diseases they and their families have been able to protect themselves from since 1978.

The Health Report heeds God’s mandate to protect the children of Ontario.

The report – also called the Health Report – heeds God’s mandate to protect the children of Ontario.

That mandate is that God shall not create anything evil or that will come into the world that will harm anyone.

We should therefore investigate whether the Toronto Public School District is truly acting in accordance with the mandate to protect the children of Ontario.

The group Parents Privacy Matters states:

I don’t want my child exposed to the dangers and risks associated with the vaccines in Ontario and when the proponents claim that children are absolutely safe and that there are no known adverse effects, they are as inaccurate as they are dishonest….

The group receives help from Wayne Easton, Senior Research Scientist in the Center for Theology and Ministry Studies at the University of Toronto’s Divinity School.

He says:

The Toronto Public School District, while school is in session, exempts from the vaccination law all of their staff.

The staff includes 91% of the district’s 2,194 teachers, 142 of which are required by provincial law to vaccinate on a regular basis.

In addition, the report claims that “the TDSB covers up when invited to speak to the media about the events unfolding on their property and prevents anyone but ‘uninformed parents’ from the fact that the district allows unfettered access to the district’s main campus for vaccination demonstration and for the parents to petition the office of their MLA to change laws relating to the vaccination laws.”

The Guardian concludes the Christian document read as:

Parents should write to the Education Minister and the Catholic Schools Chancellor to stop the unsupervised access to a public school for those under age 18 for unsolicited vaccination demonstrations and hearings, which is allowing unsolicited vaccinations for vaccines that are a known risk to public health.

Dr. Sandy Zlotnick-Fields is chief medical officer of Health and Deputy Chief of Health for the TDSB. In the report, Dr. Zlotnick-Fields responded to the membership of Mothers for Children’s Equity.

She wrote:

The Toronto Public School District is committed to protecting the health of students, which is why we strongly oppose the exemption system. As part of our commitment to immunization, we work with physicians to ensure all our employees are vaccinated to ensure the highest level of protection for all students.

We are currently waiting for a Superior Court decision on one staff member. We plan to revise our staff immunization policy to allow our employees to receive non-accredited training from physicians, and are looking at the possibility of waiting in line for the New Immunization and Record of Vaccination Act (NIVA) authorization, rather than fighting a court case.

As for the non-accredited training for physicians, we are currently working with the province and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario on a strategy for transitioning into the new NIVA authorization.

Lisa May is the Chief Executive Officer of the Ontario Christian Medical Association, parent of three children with religious exemptions to vaccines, and CMPE member.

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