‘Sex and the City: Sex & the City TV Spin-Off Revealed – A First Look

There’s a highly anticipated TV spin-off from Sex and the City when the new Sex and the City movie hit theaters back in 2008. The SATC movie was not well received by fans of the show, who found the movie lacking in some storylines and made it disappointing to most.

But there’s no need to curse the good Lord just yet. After rumors spread that there was a big film spin-off in the works starring Sarah Jessica Parker, her and husband Matthew Broderick are reportedly planning a comeback of sorts with a new show based on the movie’s spin-off characters, Charlotte, Carrie, Miranda and Samantha.

It was heavily rumored that the show would revolve around Samantha, played by Kim Cattrall, with Elizabeth Perkins taking her place as Carrie’s best friend and Charlotte’s best friend.

And Now A&E is giving us a first look at the super cute mini-series with a full trailer which was released on Thursday, giving us a good look at the big night-out story line of the original show.

Even though Cattrall says there isn’t a Sex and the City 4, there is a Sex and the City TV spin-off which was ordered by the Lifetime network and was reported to be filming next year in and around New York City.

The Sex and the City movies showed how Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda balance their star status on and off the screen. But maybe the new spin-off will show how the world is the poorer for getting a negative spin-off.

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