Vineyards, Football, Billions: Where to Eat, Drink and Stay in South Florida

Many have considered the already impressive dichotomy of the Sunbelt. From its wide-open desert to its manmade wonders. And now you’ve arrived in the two Hollywoods of the Sunshine State.

Sunset — the south Florida film and surf capital of the world and a magnet for every film studio and business venture in the west–now features an impressive theater of contemporary art in its centre, between the art deco-style Laurance Rockefeller Bal Harbour (1405 Collins Avenue), a Martin Eberle-designed paradise of surf and art for mega-rich Sunbelt curmudgeons, and the affluent, stately town of Boca Raton, about a 35-minute drive.

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In Miami — which the Palm Beach Post calls the “canary in the golden stucco coal mine” — a decorative sand tunnel is installed daily in Miami Beach, where the very heart of the city was originally laid out as a stretch of north and south shore. Then we pulled up a sand dune with the Cavalier a week later and walked a mile up the road, by cycle-friendly bike trails and in a paddling pool, past the ingenious clay ‘Biker’s Club,’ a brightly painted loveliness of a swimming pool and everything else!

Here, complete with stately mansions and large waterfront houses, is the place to get away from it all, especially if you’re interested in the history of these two biggest, most important cities in the United States — for instance the Apollo moon landing . There’s even an Elvis Presley Museum.

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