Travel to Japan during Covid-19: What you need to know

An author writes the history of the country before 1945 and how it fared on Japanese Year of Travel Day

Travel to Japan during Covid-19: What you need to know

• 24 September: Japanese Year of Travel Day (eKt). In 2018 the date falls on a Saturday, which makes it a good time to visit Japan.

• Particular routes include Mankai Hill in Tokyo and Hyuga’s Koshu and Mamaki, in Saga prefecture, which you can visit on walking holidays or day trips (free guide by web).

• Depending on how rich you want to spend your money, there are more detailed lists of ways to experience destinations such as Mount Fuji, which is easier to see on foot than by train. Meanwhile, for those with a little more free time, there are themed activities such as the one-to-six-day tour through the interior and volcanic zone of Japanese Mountain Shimizu.

• There are also lists of serious travel hazards including those in Yaeyama and Fukui prefectures, where the snowflake is rare.

• Last week, there was some controversy over Japanese year holidays taking place just before 13 September (9,” but we think it’s worth mentioning because of its importance: this is the day in which Japanese girls get married.

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